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"Discover the Breakthrough Popup
that Can Drive Your

Website Profits Through the Roof!"

Are You Ready to Enjoy a Massive Surge in Sales, Commissions and Subscribers usingProfit-Building Next Generation Popups?

  • Pressure Popups
  • PictoPopups
  • Conditional Popups
  • Instant Opt-in Popups
  • Modal and Modeless Popups
  • Rotating Popups
  • Regular Popups and Popunders
  • Sliding Popups
  • Jumping Popups
  • Caterpillar Popups
  • Fading Popups
  • And more...!

"Absolutely Amazing!"
10x10_invisible.gif (821 bytes)
Wow Michael! Right when I think you've come up with the ultimate in popup creators you BEST YOURSELF. Absolutely amazing!
10x10_invisible.gif (821 bytes)
- Theresa Cahill, www.mywizardads.com

"DPG is hands down the best money I've invested online in a long time."
Geoff Baker,
DPG is a wonderful piece of software... it allows me to make my popups look exactly like I want them to."
John Gorecki
"We have tried many popup generation software programs but yours is the one we actually use."
Mark Hamilton

I"Your DPG pop up generator has been brilliant. We've recruited a ton of franchisees from our website home page, using a pop up special offer that appears when the page first loads."
Clive Brooks

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Dear Webmaster,

ou already know that popups are a fantastic tool for growing your subscriber list, your affiliate earnings and your sales.

   That's why you're here, right?

   The important point now is to find a popup generator that meets your needs...

  • A popup generator that's rich in features so you can design ANY kind of popup you want.
  • A popup generator that's easy to use.
  • A popup generator that produces clean, stable, reliable code that works across all the major browsers.
  • A popup generator that continues to evolve and includes free upgrades for life.
  • A popup generator that comes with complete instructions and is backed by quality customer support.
  • A popup generator that's affordable.

Well, look no further because you've come to the right place...

Dynamic Popup Generator

Dynamic Popup Generator is theAll-in-One Solution to Creating an Amazing Range of High-Performance Popups in Just Minutes.

   Armed with this Breakthrough Technology, You Can Propel Your Website's Performance into Overdrive -- With Point-and-Click Ease!

Just look at the kind of popups you'll be able to design with DPG Version 3....

Unblockable DHTML Hover Popups:

   DHTML Hover Popups are an absolute MUST for your website.

   Why? Because they can't be stopped by popup blockers. Unlike regular popups, which are now almost universally blocked, with DHTML Popups almost EVERY visitor to your site will see your message!

   And there are other advantages to DHTML Popups too...

  • They are integrated into your webpage, so you won't be annoying users with additional windows.
  • They won't slow down your visitors' computers (or jam up their browsers) like traditional popups often do.
  • They look great! And with Dynamic Popup Generator's enhanced design features, they can be designed to really GRAB your visitors' attention.

   Click here to see some examples of Unblockable DHTML Popups created with DPG.

Pressure Popups:

   Pressure Popups deliver a two-in-one double-whammy that practically 'force' your visitors to react to your offer!

   Firstly, Dynamic Popup Generator (DPG) places a live countdown inside the popup. Secondly, the popup is set to automatically disappear once the countdown reaches zero.

   Are you starting to see the picture?

   How about something like: "Order within 5 minutes and get a whopping 20% discount!".

   It's right there on your popup with a live countdown happening before your visitors' eyes. Remind them that, once the countdown is completed the offer will disappear - forever (you can easily set that up using DPG's advanced Cookies feature).

   You're virtually guaranteed to give your sales a huge boost.

   The sheer persuasive power of this technique alone needs to be experienced to be believed -- use it wisely!


   Now THIS is a really POWERFUL feature that can save you money AND make you money!

   Imagine your visitor has studied your page, likes your offer and decides to order. He/she clicks the order button and then what happens...?

   Your popup appears, begging them not to leave. Perhaps you're offering them a free product demo or a free report? Worse still, perhaps you've set up a 'Pressure Popup' offering a 20% discount?

   This isn't good because your visitor was just about to order before your popup barged in on the scene.

   At best it's an annoyance or a distraction for your visitor. At worst it's a lost sale (or reduced profits) for you.

   With DPG's Conditional Popups that problem is solved!

   Now your popup can be poised to pounce at any moment - EXCEPT when you don't want it to!

   Don't want it to pop when the order link is clicked? Easy! Want visitors to surf your entire site 'popup-free' and only pop them when they leave? Easy!

   With DPG, you can use the Modal popup option to create Conditional Exit Popups that still bypass many of the popup blockers. That means that even more people will be able to view your message!

Modal and Modeless Popups:

   With this technology, you'll be able to create, among others, exit popups that get past many traditional popup blockers -- including Google's toolbar! These are a more robust alternative to regular popups for those situations where the Unblockable DHTML Popup isn't what you need.

   Even though Modal popups can now be blocked by IE7's popup blocker, they can STILL reach a LOT of people who were about to leave your site. To put it bluntly, Modal popups are the best solution available today for exit popups -- and with DPG, you can create them with ease.

   Try this: create a Conditional Exit Popup that only pops up only for those visitors that didn't buy your product or subscribe to your list,... or whatever you wanted your visitors to do. Make them an offer they can't refuse. An extra bonus for subscribing? A big discount?

   This simple technique brought in $1,110 in extra sales on one of my products in the 12 months up to the end of May, 2007. It brought in $1,677 on another -- also over a 12-month period.

   That's $2,787 in sales from people who were otherwise leaving my sites without buying. (And let's face it, once they leave, 99 times out of 100, they ain't comin back!)

   By the way,I've included a template of the EXACT popup I use to generate those extra sales! Just load it up in DPG, tweak it to your needs and, hey presto, you've got a new way to generate more income!

   This alone can help you recover your DPG investment -- in no time flat!

Rotating Popups:

   If your visitors are seeing the same popup over and over each time they land on your page, then you're wasting their time AND throwing away vast amounts of potential profit.

   After all, whether they're interested in your popup or not, if they've seen it once that's enough.

   With DPG's Rotating Popup feature, your visitors can be presented with a different popup every time they land on your page.

   If they signed up to your ezine last time they visited, they can be offered your free ecourse this time. If they've already seen the free ecourse offer, they can be hit with the next popup in the sequence. And so on...

   And, unlike most popup rotators, with DPG's system, you can mix'n'match ANY kind of popups you want in your rotator. An exit Modal popup this time. A sliding DHTML popup next time...

   You can even add new popups, remove old ones, change the order -- any time you want with a minimum of fuss.

   Now you can have an unlimited number of popups working ALL the time - continually expanding your business and generating income all year long!

Delayed Popups:

   With this nifty feature, you can hold your popups back for any length of time after your visitors hit your page - and then unleash them when the moment is right.

   How is this useful?

   Well, if your popup displays before your visitor even has chance to see what your page is about, the chances that he/she will close it without reading are greatly increased.

   With DPG's 'Delay' feature, you can give your visitors some time to study your offer before your popup makes its grand entrance.

   If your visitor is interested in your page, then he/she WILL be interested in your popup too.

   By combining this feature with other popups types like Pressure Popups or Instant Opt-in Popups, you can add serious extra money-making potential to your pages.

And LOTS More...

   It doesn't stop there. With DPG Version 3, there's virtually no limit to the kinds of popups you can design.

   And wait until you check out the nifty special effects you can apply to your popups... rolling effects, sliding effects, caterpillar effects, fading effects and more!

Just Imagine What You Can Achieve By
Adding this Kind of Technology to Your Site!

"A Truly Comprehensive Suite of Popup Tools"
10x10_invisible.gif (821 bytes)
Father DaveGreat stuff Michael! As you know, I was a big fan of DPG v.1, but now it looks like the program has truly come of age. 
10x10_invisible.gif (821 bytes)
DPG is now a truly comprehensive suite of popup tools, allowing me to confidently consign my other popup generators to the virtual dustbin. 
10x10_invisible.gif (821 bytes)
Congratulations Michael on a quality product.
10x10_invisible.gif (821 bytes)
Father Dave, www.fatherdave.org

George Katsoudas"Packed with Valuable Features"
10x10_invisible.gif (821 bytes)
Hey Michael, I have evaluated many pop up generators on the market (at least 6) and I have to say that Dynamic Popup Generator is fantastic.
10x10_invisible.gif (821 bytes)
This thing is *Packed* with valuable features. Well done!
10x10_invisible.gif (821 bytes)
George Katsoudas, www.makemoneyonabudget.net

"You Are Clearly One Step Ahead of the Game"
Mike Filsaime
Hi Michael, I have been using your DPG for quite some time as it had every feature I wanted at the time.
10x10_invisible.gif (821 bytes)
But the new features you added blow my mind as I never even thought about them. You are clearly one step ahead of the game and I love your commitment to keep improving.

10x10_invisible.gif (821 bytes)
Mike Filsaime,

"Absolutely Superb!"
10x10_invisible.gif (821 bytes)
Michael RasmussenI recently downloaded your Dynamic Popup Generator product and it's absolutely SUPERB! It's EXACTLY what I've been looking for a long time. In fact, I spent money on other pop-up software that claimed to create "unblockable" pop-ups but never did. But yours REALLY works so I am very happy to have found your program!
10x10_invisible.gif (821 bytes)
Your built in HTML Editor is my favorite and makes creating popups a breeze, and your new PictoPopups feature is like nothing I've ever seen.
10x10_invisible.gif (821 bytes)
I look forward to your future versions.
10x10_invisible.gif (821 bytes)
Michael Rasmussen,

"Fantastic Piece of Software"
10x10_invisible.gif (821 bytes)
I just received your Dynamic Popup Generator and had to let you know what a fantastic piece of software I think it is. It was so quick and easy to use that I had a Popup on my web site in less than 5 minutes.
10x10_invisible.gif (821 bytes)
I love all the different combinations I can play with and then put them on a rotator so my visitors won't see the same one every time they visit my site. Thanks Michael, this is sooooo coooool.
10x10_invisible.gif (821 bytes)
-- Jim Hubbard,  www.e-bookreprintrights.com

-More Testimonials -

"DPG is Powerful and Sophisticated...
and it's also incredibly EASY to use!

   DPG is, without contest, the most easy-to-use popup generator in the world -- bar none!

   You don't even have to copy and paste any code!

   Just follow the steps, select your options, generate the code and then hit the 'Install' button. Hey presto, Your popup is already installed on your page! It just couldn't be easier.

   And the level of control that DPG gives you over your popups is second-to-none.

   Just take a look at some of these enhanced features...

Multiple Popup Triggers

You can set your Popup to open under almost any circumstance you care to imagine, for example...

  • When your visitors arrive on your page - or any given time after they arrive.
  • When your visitors leave your page.
  • When your visitors click a given link/image.
  • When your visitors DON'T click a given link/image.
  • When your visitors submit any form on your site.
  • You can even create links that point to a web address AND open a popup at the same time!

Full Frequency Control

With DPG's Advanced Cookies Feature you can determine exactly how often (or not) your popup should display to any one visitor...

  • Every time he/she visits.
  • Just once per session.
  • Just once per day.
  • Just once per any number of days you decide.
  • Or just once ever.

No knowledge of cookies is required.Just select your preference and DPG does the rest!

Full Design Control

You control just about every aspect of your popups appearance - its size, its position on the screen, whether it's resizable, whether to display toolbars, scrollbars and much more.

For the DHTML Hover Popups you can determine the title bar color, title bar text color, title bar text style, border color, shadow color (or no shadow), whether to show Windows-style minimize/close buttons, the scroll speed and a whole lot more.

You can even dynamically insert 'Close this Window' links in your popups using any text of your choosing!

Multiple Popup Content Options

With DPG you can decide exactly how to 'populate' the content of your popup...

  • Create the content of the popup inside DPG using the integrated Visual HTML Editor.
  • Create the content of your popup in your favorite web editing software and then paste it into DPG's Visual HTML Editor.
  • Populate the popup with any web pages you've created outside DPG.
  • Populate the popup with any third-party web pages.

No Knowledge of HTML is Needed, but if you like to tweak your HTML, that's fine too. Just switch into HTML mode and tweak away.

Instant "On-the-Fly" Popup Previews

No need to leave DPG in order to test your popup. Just click the 'Preview' button at any stage in the design process and see how it looks there and then. You can preview your popup in both Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

This is a terrific time-saver.

Save your Popups and Popup Templates for Later Use

No need to start from scratch each time you want to tweak a popup.

DPG will store every last detail of your popups so that you can easily return to them later to re-work them or use them as templates for other popups.

I've even included a selection of templates that you can load into DPG and use as a basis for your own popups.

It's never been easier to add a coherent popup campaign to your website -- without wasting hours of your time.

Huge Level of Compatibility

DPG will work with all the major website development programs and services like FrontPage, Dreamweaver, and so on.

The code generated by DPG is solid, reliable and is designed to be compatible with all the major browsers - and most of the minor ones too.

And those few surfers who are still using older browsers? No problem. DPG's code has taken that into account. They will not experience any problems - your page will continue to function correctly as if the code was not there.

Unlike many popup generators which output 'one-size-fits-all' code that often leads to problems, DPG produces code that reacts differently based on the browser and browser-preferences of your visitors.

No more error codes and no more angry visitors with cookie-disabed browsers. DPG's code takes these scenarios into account and reacts accordingly.

100% Search-Engine Friendly

Most other Popup Generators force you to place a heap of code into the top of your webpage. This effectively ruins your search engine ranking because all that code is considered 'content' by the search engine spiders.

You won't have this problem with the code generated by DPG -- because you can place your code at the very bottom of the page.

Additionally, we'll show you a very simple technique for activating your popups while placing just one small line on your page which has virtually no effect on how the search engine interprets your content.

Direct Installation of the Code to Your Pages

If you don't like (or don't know how) to add Javascript code to your web pages, well don't worry. With DPG you won't have to!

Once you're happy with the design of your popup, just hit the 'Install' button and DPG will insert the popup on the page for you!

How's that for user-friendly!

Compatible With WordPress and More...

As long as you can paste javascript code somewhere -- anywhere -- into the 'body' of your web page, DPG will work. In the case of Wordpress, for example, you can just place DPG's code in the footer.php file and it will work.

Besides Wordpress, DPG also works with content management systems like Joomla. If in doubt about whether DPG will work for your particular system, just contact us and we'll check it out for you.

Incredible Ease of Use

Despite its extensive range of features, you'll be astonished at just how easy it is to use DPG. Literally anyone will be able to work with this simple, well-thought-out software.

Take a look at these Screenshots of DPG and you'll see for yourself that it has been designed with user-friendliness as the primary goal.


"I Highly Recommend Dynamic Popup Generator"
10x10_invisible.gif (821 bytes)

Stone EvansDynamic Popup Generator has solved many of my problems. I could not be happier with the product or the support and I'm getting all of this for 1/2 the price other comparable pop up generators are selling for online.
10x10_invisible.gif (821 bytes)
Further, the "after the sale" support has been second to none. Each time I've had a question, Michael Hopkins quickly responded to my email, diagnosed my problem and offered an effective solution.
10x10_invisible.gif (821 bytes)
I highly recommend Dynamic Popup Generator!
10x10_invisible.gif (821 bytes)
-- Stone Evans,

"It's an Internet Marketer's dream tool"
10x10_invisible.gif (821 bytes)
Michael, I've been using pop-ups for ages on all my sales pages with great results. I've build huge lists over time, by simply asking for my visitors email addresses, and your Dynamic Pop-Up Generator is now offering me even more ways to expand my business...
10x10_invisible.gif (821 bytes)
"It's an Internet Marketer's dream tool... You're the best! ;-)
10x10_invisible.gif (821 bytes)
-- Dirk Dupon, www.ebooks-made-easy.com

Michael, your DPG product is phenomenal. We initially started out using it on just one of our sites and after seeing our opt-in rates for that one site shoot up over 110%, have started using it on ALL of our sites.
10x10_invisible.gif (821 bytes)
Ty Cohen, www.MusicContracts101.com

"My subscription rates have shot up!"
10x10_invisible.gif (821 bytes)
Hi Michael. Very rarely one gets superb products for the right price with the right features. Dynamic Popup Generator is one among them!
10x10_invisible.gif (821 bytes)
Ever since installing the various tools contained in the package on my website, I admit, my subscription rates have shot up!
10x10_invisible.gif (821 bytes)
Thanks for a well-planned product!

10x10_invisible.gif (821 bytes)
S. Kumar, www.learnhomebusiness.com

"This Will Surely Bring in Extra Sales"
10x10_hnvisible.gif (821 bytes)
You have done a fantastic job with the Dynamic Popup Generator, its one of the best I’ve seen, and I think the countdown generator is superb.
10x10_invisible.gif (821 bytes)
I see these types of PopUps on other sites and it does make me want to purchase there and then. This will surely bring in extra sales and I will be using it over and over again. Thanks again for a great product.

10x10_invisible.gif (821 bytes)
Andy Eaton, www.amazing-ecovers.com

"I have to Say it is Amazing"
I just purchased the DPG package and I have to say it is amazing.  I've seen other popup generators that just use html code and call the code, but using javascripts and calling the javascript is much cleaner and much easier to implement.
10x10_invisible.gif (821 bytes)
Thanks again for a great product.
10x10_invisible.gif (821 bytes)
-- Robert Jones,

-More Testimonials -

"Dynamic Popup Generator is not just
Impressive, it's also Very Affordable!"

   Some Popup Generator programs cost up to $100 - and that's without the impressive range of features you'll find in DPG!

For example:

  • You can buy a Delayed Popup Generator for $97.
  • You can buy a Popup Rotator Generator for $67.
  • You can buy a Regular Popup Generator for $35.
  • You can buy a DHTML Popup Generator for $97.
  • You can buy an Instant Opt-in Generator for $35.

   If you were to buy those five programs, you'd have paid a total of $331 - and you still wouldn't have the technology you need to create, for example, Pressure Popups!

   With DPG you get all these Generators types - and more - integrated into one easy-to-use program for just $67$27!

That's over $300 you save!

   Let's look at this another way...

   Let's say, that putting Pressure Popups on your sales pages brings in one extra sale per week. Let's say that the extra sale generates $20 in profit for you.

   That means that Pressure Popups will have added an extra $1040 to your annual profits!

   How about if deploying an unblockable DHTML popup with your sign-up form generates just 3 extra subscribers per day? A pretty conservative estimate, you'll agree. Let's say that a subscriber is worth just $2 per year to your bottom line - again, a conservative estimate. That amounts to an additional $2,190 annual revenue from your mailing list!

   Here's another example...

   Imagine you're making $250 a week in sales. Now, imagine that using Conditional Popups increases your sales by 5%. That's an extra$650 a year - for just a few minutes work!

   These are not the kind of over-the-top figures that internet marketers sometimes use on their sales pages. But you know as well as I do, this isn't about making millions. It's about getting more per visitor from everyone that visits your website -- more sales, more sign-ups... more growth of your business.

   So why put it off?

   As you can see, the low cost of DPG can quickly and easily translate into a substantial hike in profits that more than justifies the small investment.

   Each day you're NOT using these advanced popup techniques is another day of potential extra income being lost.

   It quickly adds up.

   To take advantage of this offer now, just click here to instantly download the software and you can start generating sophisticated, revenue-generating popups within minutes.

But Wait! There's More!

   As you've just seen, the huge range of features in DPG will save you hundreds of dollars in other software.

   But I want to deliver you a package that's so crammed with value you simply won't be able to refuse :-)

   That's why I've thrown in a little something extra...

When you download DPG,
You ALSO Get All These Valuable
Bonuses Absolutely FREE...

FREE BONUS #1: SlideUp FX Software (NEW!)

This exciting new software is the perfect compliment to DPG.

SlideUp ads are a very effective (and non-intrusive) way to capture the attention of visitors to your website. This new style of advertisement can greatly increase your ezine opt-in rates AND increase your sales.

With 'SlideUp FX' you'll be able to create fully-customizable SlideUp ads for your webpages -- without doing any programming!

Introducing brand new technology that allows you to display DHTML popups 'on exit', this software truly represents 'the revenge of the exit popup'!

As soon as someone tries to leave your page (before he/she actually leaves), a DHTML popup message will appear containing any message you want. A last-minute offer? A freebie in exchange for a subscription? Whatever else you can think of...

Instant Sales Booster

Instant Sales Booster is an absolutely essential tool for anyone selling any kind of product or service online.

It enables you to offer special coupon codes to your visitors so that they get a discount on your product. This is an excellent way to generate additional income through your existing customers or subscribers.

Offering coupon codes to your affiliates and JV partners -- that they can pass on to their customers and subscribers is also a terrific way to generate extra revenue.

Install it just once and you can create unlimited coupons for all your webites and all your products.

This bonus alone can help you return the small investment you make today -- many, many times over.

Full video instructions are included.

CamStudio - Marketer's Version

You've probably heard many internet marketers recommend Camtasia which is software that lets you to make videos of your computer screen. It's an excellent tool for promoting or demonstrating aproduct or service.

The problem is... Camtasia costs about $300!

Another product existed called CamStudio. However, CamStudio videos didn't work on Firefox or Netscape and, additionally, the videos wouldn't re-direct to a webpage after they finished playing (which is an excellent selling device).

Now, however, some clever marketers have fixed those problems in CamStudio and re-launched the product complete with master resale rights. This is not to be missed!

FREE BONUS #4:Professional Countdown Generator

Countdown GeneratorInstantly generate live, colorful countdowns for your popups or webpages.

Besides total control over the appearance of your countdown, Countdown Generator is designed to integrate seamlessly with DPG as well as being useful for any other projects you may have.

Features include...

  • Integrates fully with DPG. Make your popups count down AND shut down with ease!
  • Add any text above the countdown or before it on the same line.
  • Add any text below the countdown orafter it on the same line.
  • Display any text you want after the countdown has expired.
  • Display your countdown in three different ways:
    - seconds only,
    - minutes and seconds like this - 3:24
    - minutes and seconds like this - 3 minutes 24 seconds
  • Full font control over the appearance of the text and the countdown itself.

FREE BONUS #5: instaMAIL Generator

instaMAIL GeneratorThe instaMAIL Generator arms you with a whole new way of driving your subscriber sign-up rates sky high!

Instead of a popup, instaMAIL Generator launches an UNBLOCKABLE ready-to-send email message using your visitor's default email program.

The message will be addressed to any email address(es) you want. The 'subject' line will contain any text you want. And the 'body' of the message will be filled in with any text you want.

All the customer has to do is hit the 'Send' button in the familiar environment of an email message to subscribe to your Ezine or Autoresponder!

FREE BONUS #6: 11 Customizable Email Courses

Once you've attracted subscribers using our Instant Opt-in feature, you need to have some useful content to send to those subscribers.

Now you've got it thanks to this big selection of customizable ecourses written by professional internet marketers.

Simply edit the messages with your own ads, affiliate links, etc. and then set them up for delivery on your autoresponder.

As soon as they're set up, you can generate automatic income and automatic promotion for your site - without lifting a finger!

You get customization rights to each of these courses:

  • 52-Day Home Business Ecourse
  • 14-Day Web Traffic Quick Tips Ecourse
  • 14-Day Internet Marketing Quick Tips Ecourse
  • 14-Day Opt-in List Building Quick Tips Ecourse
  • 14-Day Blogging Quick Tips Ecourse
  • 14-Day Adsense Quick Tips Ecourse
  • 14-Day Article Writing Quick Tips Ecourse
  • 10-Day Website Promotion Tips Ecourse
  • 5-Day Instant Online Products Ecourse
  • 5-Day Copywriting Tips Ecourse
  • 5-Day Web Money Ecourse

TIP: Offer these courses on a Popup Rotator on your site to generate ongoing income and advertising without the ongoing effort!

That's a Whopping $232 worth of
Quality Bonuses
You'll Get Absolutely FREE
With Your Copy of Dynamic Popup Generator!

   And these are not just 'any old bonuses'. These are bonuses that are of genuine use to webmasters. They've been carefully selected to help you add extra value and extra profit streams to your websites.

Oh, And One Other Thing...

   If you're concerned that -- for whatever reason -- DPG may not be right for you, then let me put your mind at ease.

   Your investment is 100% risk-free thanks to my iron-clad guarantee of satisfaction. As of now, ALL the risk is lifted from your shoulders and placed squarely on mine...

My Guarantee to You...

When you download DPG, you'll be protected by my 30 day guarantee of complete satisfaction.

If you’re not 110% delighted with your investment - or if for any reason you change your mind - just contact me any time within 30 days of ordering and I’ll happily refund every last penny straight back to your credit-card or PayPal account.

And if All that Weren't Enough...

Order Today and You also Get
Unlimited Free Upgrades
to ALL
Future Releases of DPG!

   I aim to keep DPG at the cutting edge of popup technology.

   Any time I add new features (based on new developments coupled with your feedback), I'll drop you a line inviting you to download the latest version.

   This is not some blah, blah that never amounts to anything.

   DPG is constantly being improved - we're already up to version 3. And, when the next version is ready, you'll be among the first to know.

   And, just in case you're concerned that you'll have difficulty mastering DPG (although, I'm sure you won't), I've included a complete User's Manual to help you get started. The User's Manual is delivered in print-friendly PDF format as well as being directly accessible from within the software!

   PLUS, if ever you need any help/advice, just drop me a line and I'll be more than happy to help you out.

   And remember, your order is backed by my 100% GUARANTEE of satisfaction so you can try DPG for two months -- completely risk-free.

   So, go ahead and grab this profit-building technology today and you can start generating more sales, more commissions and more subscribers -- without needing more visitors!

Yes John! Please Give Me Instant Access to Dynamic Popup Generator version 3.
  • 100% risk-free 30 days no-obligation trial.

  • By ordering today for just $67 $27, you'll also get
    $232 worth of quality bonuses for free.

Even if it's 3am, you'll get immediate access
to your copy of DPG so you can begin adding
incredible popups to your site right away!

HONESTe Online Member Seal
Click to verify - Before you buy!

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Windows 95 or higher.


"I could not be more pleased with DPG"
I could not be more pleased with DPG.  The DHMTL popup could not be more professional and after a bit of a learning curve, implements very smoothly and predictably.
10x10_invisible.gif (821 bytes)
Anyone wanting to implement popups on their site will be well served purchasing Dynamic-Popup-Generator and if I can do anything to encourage them in that direction, I am doing them a favor.
10x10_invisible.gif (821 bytes)

-- Larry Carhartt, www.masterdata.com

"Astounded at how user-friendly it is"
10x10_invisible.gif (821 bytes)
Hi Michael, I recently purchased "Dynamic Popup Generator" and am astounded at how user-friendly it is. This feature-packed and versatile software undoubtedly has great profit-enhancing potential. Michael, if you wrote the program, then you're *the* maven.
10x10_invisible.gif (821 bytes)
-- Rus Kramer,

"Able to Add Many More Names to Our Mailing List!"
10x10_invisible.gif (821 bytes)
The pop-up creator worked great. We were able to design it just the way we wanted and since we started to use it, we've been able to add many more names to our mailing list! Thanks!
10x10_invisible.gif (821 bytes)
-- Gene Hyland, www.creatingourhome.com

"Wow! Truly Magnificent!"
Wow! Truly Magnificent! I don't believe I have seen Any PopUp Generator on the market that does quite as much as DPG 2.0! Exceptional Quality! You have outdone yourself with DPG 2.0.

I think I will be Trashing all the other PopUp Gens that I have accumulated. DPG will be my Main PopUp creator, Hands Down...

Thanks for a truly wonderful product, Michael.

-- Robert Lawless, www.digitalproduct.net

"Excellent Product"

"I have just purchased your new product 'Dynamic Popup Generator' and I am very satisfied with this excellent product."

Lo Benedict, www.turnkeyinternetprofits.com

"The Most Feature Rich Popup Generator on the Market"

"This is the most feature rich popup generator on the market… and the dhtml popups are great.

"I’m going to improve my subscriber rates by adding these to all my sites.

"Great job on an excellent product. Thanks again."

-- George Chapin, www.auctionvip.com

Thanks for the Upgrade!!
Hey Michael!  I totally loved the first version of DPG, and this one really rocks even more!  The save feature is fabulous and the other options only help add Umph! to my site!  Thanks for the upgrade!!

-- Brian McAboy,

"We highly recommend it"
10x10_invisible.gif (821 bytes)
The first thing you notice about Dynamic Popup Generator when you launch it is that it is loaded with options. The interface is intuitive, and it walks you through the popup creation, step by step, providing more and more options each step of the way. You can keep it simple or make it complex. It all depends upon what level of control you want over the popup.
10x10_invisible.gif (821 bytes)

All in all, Dynamic Popup Generator is one of the most impressive and complete popup creation tools available, and we highly recommend it.
10x10_invisible.gif (821 bytes)

-- Quoted from a Review of DPG Version 1 on CoolToolAwards.com

-More Testimonials -

Dynamic Popup Generator Reaches the Parts
that Other Popup Generators Don't!

   Not only does it create classic Popups, it also generates the kind of popups that can drive your profits and subscriber rates through the roof. These include...

  • Unblockable DHTML Hover Popups
  • Pressure Popups
  • Conditional Popups
  • Delayed Popups
  • Rotating Popups
  • Instant Opt-in Popups
  • Jumping Popups
  • Caterpillar Popups
  • Fading Popups
  • And more...

   With that kind of technology at your disposal, you'll have the capacity to really turbo-charge every aspect of your online business - increase sales, increase affiliate commissions, increase the size of your opt-in lists...

   And don't forget, you also get $232 in QUALITY Extras including Instant Sales Booster and Eleven Customizable Ecourses to use in conjunction with your popups!

   So don't put it off. Download Dynamic Popup Generator right now and get started within minutes.

   Wishing you the best of success.

John Velinov

P.S. Remember, you could invest over $300 in other programs and still not have the vast range of features that you'll find in DPG. And that doesn't include the $232 worth of bonuses you get if you order today.

P.P.S. Your order is 100% secure in every sense of the word. The payment system is operated by ClickBank/PayPal so you know you're in safe hands. Furthermore, your order is backed by my 30 days guarantee of satisfaction. If you're not completely blown over by DPG, I'll quickly refund every last dime - no questions asked. 

"All I can say is IT ROCKS!"
Hi Michael, I downloaded your Dynamic Popup Generator software and all I can say is IT ROCKS!
10x10_invisible.gif (821 bytes)
I have seen dozens of popup packages over the last two years but yours beats them hands down because it is the most comprehensive and flexible popup program on the planet.
10x10_invisible.gif (821 bytes)
There is so much more that you can do with Dynamic Popup Generator and, in my opinion, it is worth twice as much because you can do so much more than all the other popups put together. Added to the bonuses you offer and you wont find a better deal.
10x10_invisible.gif (821 bytes)
Keep up the great work!
10x10_invisible.gif (821 bytes)
Terry Jones, www.EasyWebResources.com

"Unquestionably the Best Hover Ad Software Around"
I've purchased and tried numerous hover ad software in the past, but I can honestly say that none have come close to matching the features and ease-of-use of Dynamic Popup Generator. 
10x10_invisible.gif (821 bytes)
Not only does DPG cost less, it is unquestionably the best hover ad software around.
10x10_invisible.gif (821 bytes)
Erik Andersen,

"Totally blown away!"
Hi Michael! I've downloaded, installed, and tried to use many popup creators. I've been extremely disappointed with most and had given up on popups completely.
10x10_invisible.gif (821 bytes)
Then I found your DPG, and when I clicked the link to see the picto popup in action, I was totally blown away! Of course I just had to have your program.
10x10_invisible.gif (821 bytes)
Being graphically-challenged, I did expect to have a hard time using your system. Thankfully, I was wrong! The preview button is particularly nice and allows me to tweak away until I'm 100% satisfied. Thank you!
10x10_invisible.gif (821 bytes)
-- Theresa Cahill, www.mywizardads.com

"The Beginner's Dream"
This program is the Beginner's dream. Simple to use and easy to update. Keep up the good work.
10x10_invisible.gif (821 bytes)
Richard Bolding,

"Feature Rich and Easy to Use"
I gotta say, DPG Rocks!  I have been able to increase my click-through conversions even more by combining DPG popunders with my PPCProfitMachine results to earn maximum commissions! Thanks for making such a feature rich and easy to use product that truly overdelivers.

10x10_invisible.gif (821 bytes)
Don Kransteuber, www.TotalNetMarketing.com

"This popup software is the best yet!"
This popup software is the best yet!  I use it with my lead capture page generation software to pump out awesome popups in nothing flat.
10x10_invisible.gif (821 bytes)
Ike Johnson, www.extra-money-making-ideas.com

-More Testimonials -

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